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Golf Course Outside Cooler & Food Policy

Golf Course Outside Cooler and Food Policy

With cooler fall weather coming, we thought it was a good time to bring up our cooler policy.

No Coolers, Please

If you have been wondering if you are able to bring a cooler with you on the golf course, please don’t. All Fred Smith Company golf courses have a policy of no outside coolers permitted on the property. 

We’ve Got Your Back

The great news is that each course is well-stocked with an assortment of beer and wine selections.  So, leave the cooler home and let FSC golf courses take care of your beverage needs.

We Will Take Care of You

We understand that last night’s lasagna dinner was AMAZING, but please leave that leftover at home when coming to the course. In fact, you don’t need to bring any outside food into the restaurant area of the golf course because you can order from our restaurant. Also, bringing in outside food is not allowed.

We Value You

We appreciate your attention to this policy and truly appreciate your support of our food and beverage operations. Please let us know if you have a particular type of food or beverage you would like to see at your club. We value you!

Golf Course Outside Cooler & Food Policy
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