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Inaugural Magnolia Cup Results

Last weekend, Riverwood Golf Club hosted the inaugural Magnolia Cup. This was a 36-hole Ryder Cup-style event with the top 8 players in the points standing representing Eagle Ridge Golf Club, Hedingham Golf Club, and Riverwood Golf Club.

Saturday Fourball 9/28 Riverwood Golf Club

Kevin Adams (ERGC)Dean Debardelaben2.5d.Mike Johnson (RGC)Mike Sullivan0.5
Gary Huller (HGC)Matt Cox3d.Alan Caswell (ERGC)Rodney Jeffery0
Matt Bartell (RGC)Wes Davis3d.Barry Dunn (HHC)Tyler Wood0
Ronnie Adams (ERGC)Scott Crowder1.5tieScott Hammond (RGC)Denny Wendel1.5
Rickie McGhee (HGC)Blane Lemarbe1.5tieScott Dislter (ERGC)Todd Jones1.5
Andy Baker (HGC) Charlie Westmorland2.5d.Pam Bergquist (RGC)Bob Couick0.5

Day 1 Point Totals

  ERGC -5.5HGC -7.0RGC- 5.5  

Sunday Singles 9/29 Riverwood Golf Club

 Eagle Ridge Hedingham Riverwood
Kevin Adams 0Gary Huller1Mike Johnson2
Dean Debardalaben2Matt Cox0Mike Sullivan1
Alan Caswell1.5Barry Dunn0.5Matt Bartell1
Rodney Jeffery 1Tyler Wood0Wes Davis2
Ronnie Adams1Rickie McGhee0Scott Hammond 2
Scott Crowder1Blane Lemarbre2Denny Wendel0
Scott Distler1Andy Baker0Pam Bergquist 2
Todd Jones 2Charlie Westmorland 0Bob Couick1

Day 2 Point Totals

 ERGC -9.5HGC – 3.5RGC – 11  

Final Point Totals

  ERGC -15HGC – 10.5RGC – 16.5  

Thank you to those who qualified and made this a successful event.

Inaugural Magnolia Cup Results
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