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October or ‘Hotober’ Golf Course Updates

Golf Course News from Daniel Davis
General Manager of Golf Courses 

Dear FSC Sports Club Member,

As Sweatember turns into Hotober here in North Carolina, we are certainly in need of precipitation at the golf courses.  We have not had any measurable rain at any of the courses since Hurricane Dorian hit the coast almost a month ago.   Not only for the health of the courses but as a golfer, I am certainly ready to feel a little chill in the air and experience what I refer to as “sweater vest” weather for a little while.  With any luck, it’s just around the corner.


We have been extremely busy in the month of September at all our courses.  Each course hosted several outings and member tournaments throughout the month.  We conducted Club Championships at Hedingham and Olde Liberty.  We also held the Inaugural Magnolia Cup at Riverwood which pitted teams from each of the golf courses against each other in a Ryder Cup-style format. Congratulations to the Riverwood team for taking home the Cup! 

Golf Course Improvements

In addition to tournaments and outings, we have been hard at work making improvements to the golf courses.  You may have noticed that each course has brand new wooden tee signs with up-to-date graphics of each hole.  At Riverwood, we have replaced the plastic ball tee markers with brand new branch tee markers.  Also at Riverwood, we are finishing the bunker project on Riverview #8.  We have completed filling in the back half of the bunker and will be sodding the area this week.  New sand will be put in the new, smaller bunker area within the next couple of weeks. 

At Eagle Ridge, we are in the process of restoring bunkers on holes 5, 6, and 9 to their original sizes and filling them with new sand.  At Hedingham, we have continued to re-sod fairways.  We most recently have finished the landing area on #14, the fairway on #7, and the tee boxes on #11.  We are also about one month away from repaving the back nine cart paths.  At Olde Liberty, we are very excited to have added a 5thset of tees to make the golf course more enjoyable for all players.  

Below, you will find the new yardages for each tee box.  We are very interested in your feedback with this change, so please reach out and let us know what you think.  

New Yardages for Olde Liberty

Hole #BlackBlueWhiteGoldRed

We Value Your Time and Support!

As the weather does eventually cool down, please get out and enjoy the golf courses often as they are all in excellent condition. We have a few more member tournaments left on the calendar this year including the Eagle Ridge Club Championship (October 12-13), Halloween Four-Club (October 26 @ Hedingham) and the Tournament of Champions (November 9-10 @ Riverwood & Eagle Ridge).  

We hope to see you at one or all of these events. As always, we value your membership and welcome your feedback, concerns, and questions.  You can email them to me at, and I will respond in as timely a manner as possible.

Happy Golfing, 

Daniel Davis

General Manager of Golf Courses

FSC Sports Club

October Or ‘Hotober’ Golf Course Updates
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