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Fighting Germs at the Gym

With Cold and Flu Season on the horizon, here are a few tips on staying germ-free.

You Look Marvelous, So Don’t Touch That Perfect Face of Yours.

Did you know that germs can enter your body through your mouth, eyes, and nose? With that in mind, you will want to keep your hands away from your face. Instead of wiping sweat from your brow, use a towel to wipe away that hard-earned sweat and keep germs at bay.

No One Likes a Sweaty Seat, So Wipe Down Equipment After Use or Before When Necessary

You always want to be sure that any equipment you use at your gym is germ-free before and after you use it. Let’s be real here: we all want to spread peace and happiness when we work-out, not germs! And, while we are working at spreading that peace and happiness (while toning and bettering our cardiovascular system), we certainly don’t want to catch a cold! All Fred Smith Company Athletic Clubs provide conveniently placed sanitizing cleaner and paper towels. So, during this season of coughing and sneezing, be sure to wipe off equipment before and after you use it.

Let Hand Washing Be Part of Your Routine.

During Flu Season, wash your hands as often as possible, and follow up with a good moisturizer. Everyday Health recommends washing your hands or using hand sanitizer in between the use of different workout equipment. While that might not always be practical, take a moment after your workout to thoroughly wash your hands.

For more information on staying healthy while working out, check out “How to Fend Off Germs at the Gym,” from Everyday Health.

We hope you stay healthy this Flu Season! See you at the Athletic Club!

Fighting Germs At The Gym
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