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Interview with Dori Moran – Fitness Instructor

With us officially in the year 2020 you might be wanting to incorporate fitness classes to your schedule, and finding an instructor that you like can be an important factor on enjoying the class. This week, we have interviewed fitness instructor, Dori Moran. She teaches Boot Camp and Body Blast at LionsGate Athletic Club. Let’s get started!

What made you want to become a fitness instructor and how long have you been one?

I have had a passion for fitness since I was a child.  I began doing my mom’s Jane Fonda videos at age 11.  It took me many years and a bit of a push from another instructor to encourage me to become certified.  I’ve been teaching for 7 years.  

Do you have a specialty?

My specialty……definitely high intensity HITT workouts!  
Do you have a particular structure to your classes?
Structure… classes vary daily.  Sometimes we do drills, stations, partner workouts, never a dull moment!  
What’s something that has surprised you as an instructor?
What has surprised me as an instructor is the way in which friendships develop in class.  I love watching people hold each other accountable.  If your not there, we notice, and we will find out why!  Also the support system that has formed is amazing. 
Do you have any tips for those wanting to get started in Boot Camp classes?
Tips for starting Boot Camp….just do it!  Everybody has to start somewhere! Everything can be modified.
Interview With Dori Moran – Fitness Instructor
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