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Benefits of Chocolate – A Valentine’s Day Treat

There are moments in life where we want to splurge and indulge just for ourselves. A lot of times that includes good ole chocolate. Now, we all have our personal favorites whether it’s milk, dark, or white chocolate. We have countless choices of different coating and filing combinations. But, with Valentine’s Day unofficially the holiday of chocolate, does chocolate have any health benefits for us?

According to the Hard School of Public Health (HSPH), chocolate doesn’t just taste good, but it could also have some positive benefits for our heart!

HSPH states that dark chocolate contains a chemical called flavanol that has shown to improve blood flow, and lower blood pressure. It’s important to get your dark chocolate from the baking aisle, as natural cocoa contains the most flavanols. There also might be some proof to show that dark chocolate can also help with heart disease, diabetes, and cancer! 

Now this, of course, is all based off of moderate consumption of the delicious treat. For my special treat this Valentine’s Day, I am going to try blending a couple tablespoons of dark chocolate with a frozen banana for a non-dairy alternative to chocolate ice cream!

Benefits Of Chocolate – A Valentine’s Day Treat
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